Time will tell.

Well, it’s been more than two years since I last made an entry to this blog.

Before the entire quarantine / pandemic life, I was actually making some regular updates and finding a path for this blog.  I started this blog after I stopped my former food blog for something different.  Taking photos of food and writing after the fact recipes became tedious and not fun anymore.  I don’t really measure ingredients (except for baking) and writing up the recipes became time consuming. Although I do find myself referring back to read some of my recipes.  So, I decided to start a new blog around lifestyle and decadence.  This too evolved over time into more introspective entries about knowing your worth, gender roles, isolationism, the art of selfies, finding decadence in everything and so on.  I managed to keep the content somewhat fresh and it became a weekly event to write. 

Then the dreaded quarantine.  One would think such times would ramp up creativity and writing, but for me it did the opposite. Yes, I could have written about the effect of the quarantine, how to manage isolation, and so on, but many already did, and I was just not inspired to write cliché and predictable blogs.

During this quarantine time I did write a bit about how the watch hobby kept me connected (and it still does).  It became a way of life, where in the virtual world we would connect on Instagram, zoom calls, outside meetings and so on and share our varied passion for watches.  Subsequently life took over and I didn’t blog much due to major changes (I chose to undertake) in my life.  In the meantime, it seemed that the virtual world was flooded with content and written blogs didn’t seem relevant.

Although I didn’t write much, it was a period of great personal growth.  I did things that I never even knew I would even like. I became an outdoor type for a while which continued into post quarantine times as well.  I learned a lot in the past two years and changed my life significantly. Change seems to be a constant in my life; the rate of change has grown exponentially in the past two years. You should never feel like you ‘arrived’ because it will breed complacency and ultimately a decline of your abilities and ambitions.

Walking on a frozen famous lake in bitter cold

Sunrise – a new experience
A favorite place for sunset

At this point, what is the future for this blog?  Is a blog even effective?  Does anyone even read? What is the point?  When I first started the blog years ago, the point was to inspire and share another point of view. My criteria of success? It wasnot to monetize or gain followers. Instead, the point was, and still is, to share perspectives that others (even if one) find inspiring or cause a shift.  But in this world of short attention spans satiated by absurd TikTok videos and reels, will anyone even read content that is longer than one paragraph? For most, the answer is no.

I have experimented with reels, but not the absurd type.  Mostly they are reels around watches mixed a bit with nature or something else.

Several years ago, a friend said, “Start your own YouTube channel, make it absurd with what you are wearing to conflict with the topic – absurd is popular.”  He was right, here we are several years later with TikTok and absurdity. And again, content is ingested in tiny snippets.  Now that part should make this blog easy.  To keep it current and relevant, don’t write more than four paragraphs. Well in that case, maybe the book I started writing years ago is the way to go (and make sure that there is an audio version).

And with that note on short attention spans, it’s time to stop this entry.  Potential topics for the rest of the year?

Continue with:

Know your worth and tactical steps to ensure that you live life knowing your worth, not to be be confused with arrogance or pompousness.


To thyself be true (one of my favorite subjects)

Constant growth


Vulnerability and how others react to it

…or that book about my European transition to here (that can surely be a trilogy)

And the watches?  Yes, that is still going strong.

Meeting the famous Oris Bear
Golden Hours

Interestingly the watches are related to one of the biggest lessons that I am learning during the past two years: Your time is valuable, be careful how you spend it and who you spend it on because you will never get it back. Related to know your worth, but time is finite; we


“Don’t bend; don’t water it down; don’t try to make it logical; don’t edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.”
― Franz Kafka

It’s never to late