rays - 1
Rays of light are symbolic of many aspects of life, illumination or equilibrium

Well, I decided to put the whole Facebook sharing bug off the critical path.  I’m going to move forward with my Decadent Life blog and deal with the Facebook bug issue as pure noise that will eventually be solved.

I decided that my first blog entry is going to be about what do I mean by Decadent Life.  Am I going to be purely covering the luxurious products of Louis Vuitton, Swarovski, Mercedes, Versace, and so on?  Those who know me understand my love of these beautiful things, but the short answer is no.  Of course I will be blogging about my decadent items, but as I’ve said in the summary…”Nature to Versace”  to indicate that decadence is a continuous spectrum.  And that Joie de Vivre and je ne sais quoi is part of the Decadent Life.  Is it an outlook or attitude?  To some extent yes, I’m finding life more enjoyable in this decadent mindset.   There is decadence in the beauty of a sunset, the rays of light that project through  a cloud or clouds that look like mountains.  So again, a continuous spectrum of decadence is the decadent life.

Because of the Facebook sharing bug delay, I have a had a few days to think about where do I really want to take this blog.  While I plan many aspects of my life so I can move forward, this one is going to be spontaneous.  I will only blog about what I’m passionate about; that could be a sunset, a fine beverage, music or an automobile.  I’m finding in life that for some aspects of my life, I just need to follow my passion and see how it turns out.  I do not have a list of topics ready to go and be released certain days of the week.  No, I’m going to not charter this path.  My day to day life is loaded with responsibilities and schedules. This blog, instead, will evolve.

Nevertheless, being European, or maybe it’s just my family, there is this ‘inborn’ drive for decadence.  Maybe it’s inherited, maybe not. 

So in some sense, this is a lifestyle blog to fuel the many aspects for a decadent life.  My first few blog entries will be about some micro breweries I recently visited and how to make the most of your stay.