A Weekend of Joy and the Microbrews of Northwest Indiana…yes Indiana – Part I of II

18th Street Brewery (Hammond Location-their first location was actually Gary, Indiana)


As I promised, I will soon be blogging about some recent microbrew visits I had in Indiana.  It was a nice and a much weekend getaway.  Most don’t know that there are many great microbreweries located in Northwest Indiana within 15-20 minutes of each other in the Griffith and Hammond area.  Each one different, not only with respect to the fine beers they have crafted but also the ambiance and type of clientele. Also, the brewers have  true passion for their art and they are collaborative.  This is not mass marketed beer.  It’s an art.

I had a superb time.    I was able to visit with a fine craft beer connoisseur who chartered our path.  We visited:

  1. 18th Street Brewery
  2. New Oberpfalz Brewing
  3. Wildrose Brewing

All conveniently located within 20 minutes of each other.

I have to write more about my weekend excursion and the key elements of having a great time, even for a condensed weekend.  Since I’m extremely busy, I was able to find the joie de vivre in just one weekend.  That’s the decadent life.


As  I’m relaxing in my backyard today,  on the deck, sipping on my the fine growler of Elucidator Double Bock from New Oberpfalz Brewing,  it’s very clear that the decadent life is very much a state of mind and this ability to experience and enjoy the decadance, the finest, again is a matter of perspective. 

In part II, I will go into more detail on what makes a successful weekend getaway and even the importance of that early check in.


Relaxed after the #Earlycheckin


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