I have loved rings since I was a teen.  I wore rings on most of my fingers.  I remember during my freshman year, a professor of mathematics complemented me on all my rings.  This was a memorable complement because the professor’s speciality is known as Ring Theory in Mathematics.  In abstract algebra, ring theory is the study of rings—algebraic structures in which addition and multiplication are defined and have similar properties to those operations defined for the integers.  Source:  Wikipedia

Some years have passed; I changed my major and my love of rings still continues.  I’ve acquired all kinds of rings over my life of all styles, stones, metals and shapes.  But in 2016, I discovered the decadence of Swarovski rings.    While I have  owned Swarovski jewelry before, it was in 2016 that I reconnected with Swarovski. 

During 2016, I have acquired a lot of Swarovski items and someone even said my bedroom dresser looks like a Swarovski store.  Maybe.  I have purchased some beautiful necklaces and pendants but the rings have completely displaced my diamond rings.  I prefer wearing Swarovski crystal rings over my diamond rings.  Not only do they sparkle beautifully, but the design is very innovative and stylish.

Unlike a necklace, I can look at my rings (and bracelets too) while I’m at work. Here are a few favorites (some have been featured on the client gallery) and I’m already eyeing a few more.

The prices are reasonable, but they are addictive.   I wear them for work, fun and a night out.

Swarovski will put a smile on one’s face.  It’s color, brilliance and always fun.


Ring Theory
I love the size and design of this ring
Treat Yo’self-I did.  It’s a stackable ring and can be worn with matching necklace and earrings
Great for work as well
Or a conference with a classic Seiko Lasalle Watch (vintage)
Even elevator rides are fun when you have something to distract

You can also check out their gallery page for additional ideas: Swarovski Gallery