A brief work from home break to clear my mind

So, I promised myself and my readers that I will not do another 2018 (or 2019) and I will keep the content on this blog fresh and relevant-so no 2018 and 2019 where life’s distractions and noises overcame my original intent.

But now we are in the midst of a pandemic and can I really blog about fun stuff…some, say yes, please distract. When I set out this blog it was all about decadence in every form. Then of course, decadent life includes some serious subjects as well. For example, now seemingly strange, I wrote about about isolationism, Isolationism, good bad, the new trend….I had no idea that I along with some others would get to test this out due to a pandemic of a horrible virus. Of course, some aren’t really following the guidelines on that, but that’s not for this blog.

So, what does a decadent blogger blog about with the current situation?

No, at this point, I will not blog about the COVID-19, the projected peak, etc. – there are already great sources for it and some not so great.

Instead, it’s time to return to the foundations of the blog, some of the key guiding principles when I started the blog were….(not written, but the inspiration):

  • make it enjoyable for myself and readers – it should be uplifting as well as useful
  • help myself and readers through some rough spots – not I’m not a professional therapist, but experiences teach us, and why not share with others – not everyone has a huge social circle, some like to read and relate
  • help myself and readers think some things through by informing and relating, and of course….the big one,
  • help myself and readers live a truly decadent life, be decadent and find decadence in every aspect of life

Sometimes I reread my own blog to reaffirm some concepts, for example: Know Your Worth, Now What, in fact, both posts about knowing your worth was some introspection I was working through given what I was going working through in my personal life.

So what do I post about now, with all this turmoil and suffering?

I think I will attempt to be the distraction that helps reassure one that some normalcy is left; at least that is my intention now. This state is temporary, most will survive; no, we don’t know who. Do we ever have guarantees of tomorrow? No, just probabilities. Yes, the probabilities have gotten worse, for us and loved ones. And that is hard to accept, but it is. So it is even more reason to enjoy and be in the now. And be happy that, yes, while doing yoga, my breathing was very good…who knows about tomorrow…but who ever knows about tomorrow. The future is just expectations based on conditional probabilities and even very low probability events happen (yes, I loved statistics). So yes, enjoy the now, whatever it is. And today a good breathing pattern in yoga is something to be grateful and happy about.

Yes puppy approves today’s horological choice

So I will not be blogging about how I deal with quarantine life; many are already doing a fine job at that, and we all deal with it differently. Some are spending the day in their pajamas while working, I don’t (plus don’t own any pajamas). I like to get ready fully and change a few times during the day. For me over the past week, it’s best to try to abstract away from our current reality and probabilities and think about other things. Maybe to the point of being a bit absurd, but it helps to keep me mentally sane, with no medication, or alcohol.

So that’s back to decadence. This is the second time my intention was to write a post about how “I got into watches” and instead strayed off. But in some ways, I feel that I need to justify why I will continue to write about other things than the current pandemic. I know many will think I”m being insensitive or shallow. No, that is not the case. Like everyone else, my thoughts go up and down all day about the current state of the world. But for my own mental health, I need to indulge in my other interests: music, career, watches, cars, personal interactions and overall decadence of life. I think having other interests will help everyone get through this (along with proper social distancing, etc.) and nobody should feel guilty about enjoying some other aspect of their life.

ig and fb stories that don’t leave a permanent footprint, but at least help others think that just because you are sitting at home doesn’t mean you have to not care (don’t have to care, but if you want to, you aren’t crazy

So find your own decadence and don’t feel that you are being inconsiderate. We all have other interests, whether it’s watch collectors, ‘decadent stuff,’ playing an instrument, etc. I also think some of these other interests provide a sense of community, more friends, and so on. Now more than ever, this is necessary for your mental health and the mental health of those around you. Also, it is a great example of personal growth. Some interests intensify and bring out different aspects of a person.

sandal 1 of 2 that arrive….gives hope of a nice summer

So yes, next blog, I will post about watches and some other interests. Not because I don’t care about what’s going on, but I and maybe some others will find it transcending, away from all this. And for those of us who did not win ‘finding the one’ lottery, quarantine is even worse….so distractions and remembering who we are and the life we built is even more important.

and always, enjoy the decadence of nature -looking up at the stars as Stephen Hawking referred to it…always

Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the Universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you don’t just give up.

Stephen Hawking