Getaways are great but….

Well we can’t get away every weekend.  I for one do crave some time in my home  in the town that I truly love.  But sitting on the sofa all day is never an option for me.  The Decadent Life rules that I need to be doing something, experiencing something.  Decadence doesn’t mean that I have to buy a new Louis Vuitton or Versace item every day, but I should make the best use of them.  So whether you are anticipating a getaway (always a great feeling) or if you have returned from one (this one is tougher), you need to move forward with that decadence.  As I said in  A Weekend of Joy and Microbrews…… blog entry

” In life, like in cycling, unless you keep moving forward, you lose your balance and crash.  ” I can’t take credit for this insight, Einstein and Kraftwerk can.

So it’s Saturday, the weather is great, time to get out and move forward.  Enjoy the decadence of the life you built and continue to build it.

So here are some key aspects to having a decadent day.  Yes, it varies for everyone but going into it with making it decadent for yourself is what sets it apart from a drab day.

Move just move…

While I love this sofa for many things, spending the day on it was not the plan today.  I formulated a sort of plan, but again, NO agenda.  I was going to go for a drive, and not much else was planned.  I had my motivaltional music (this is personal) and hopped in my car.  But first….

Don’t sit too long…

What to wear?

Well, I am European, so it’s not going to be a tank top and shorts that I cook in.  That’s for cooking, sitting on your veranda or going to the beach with your swimsuit under. Also, have a change of outfit in your trunk, because you never know.  Yes, it’s not an award show, but wardrobe changes are essential for decadence.  I change at least three times a day for different situations.

I chose to wear my favorite sundress for a few reasons.  One, living here, I can count on one hand how many times I get to wear a given sundress per year.  So get some use out of it.  Flowy sundress is feminine and goes well with  my decadent mindset.  Heels, of course. I did take some gladiator sandals just in case I decide to hike by the beach.  Heels sink into the grass. But for shopping, capuccinos and other indulgences the day may bring, heels are the way to go…always. No it’s not because men like them, it’s because I love them.  Dresses and skirts work much better in many situations.  Jeans may look good when they have that ‘painted on look’ that Billy Ocean sang about in his 80s hit “European Queen” (known as Caribbean Queen in the U.S.)

Dress for options

Destination Unknown

Well sort of, because I knew I wasn’t going more than 40-50 miles.  It was just a day thing and not being a morning person it wasn’t an early start either.

So for this lovely and warm Saturday and motivational music, here is how my day went:

saturday starbucks
Warm sun, a great beverage and my thoughts

How can you have a day of decadence without some type of coffee house.  Didn’t need more caffeine and it was beautifully hot, so I bought some Sangria iced tea at Starbucks and sat outside.  The sun, Louis Vuitton and Versace kept me company.  Note:  it’s amazing how many conversations are sparked by these items form both genders. So there is always the human interaction of decadence;  some good, some not so good.  More on that in another blog entry.

So the rest of my day flowed like fine Möet Chandon.

Saturday nature

I live in a beautiful area, so some nature for inspiration and also some recognition from me to me that I made this happen (not the lake but the move form a drab suburb in Illinois). It’s hard for decadence of any nature to flourish in a drab cookie cutter suburb.  That just isn’t me.  Living in the middle of nowhere (the decadence of the night sky is a tough one to compete with)  or living in a great neighborhood (not subdivision) works for me.

micro brews of course

Yes, it’s decadent, so there has to beer, some craft beer.

Then I headed out to a great shopping center (not really a mall) that is outdoors.  It could use a few more decadent stores…but again, decadence is a mindset.


Checking out the horrible styles for fall – sort of grunge…no thanks.  Fortunately I was able to find some retro 90s clubbing style at another store.

Yes, decadence is a mindset, but I didn’t buy either watch, letting anticipation take over. As I said, it’s a good feeling in all aspects of life.


And a great sushi dinner concludes the evening portion of this day.  Hot summer night…the best.

Deck, music (loud), Cubans and Hennesy Privelege and great company continued into the night and early morning (yes, my decadence increases throughout the day-I am a night person).


No words needed.

I made myself have a great decadent day!