This weekday has been non stop work and back to back meetings.  It can be challenging to feel decadent during the week that consists of obligations and some much needed veg out time at night.  But here are a few tips on how I keep my decadent side alive, as hard as it may be:

Drinking Vessel

My pottery mug is from Door County and it brings back good memories of beautiful sunsets and nature

Start your day with a decadent vessel to drink your fine coffee out of. And if you have time, drink it on your deck, veranda, or a nice spot of your house  Try to minimize the functionality of this activity.

Those Boxes at your Front Door

Those boxes left at the door make you feel decadent instantly.  I’m celebrating Star Trek 50 year anniversary with some fine cosmetics from Mac celebrating the 50 year anniversary.  I received some items last week and had to get more.  Halloween or a weekend party?  Yes, thoughts of decadence make me feel decadent even when I have work work work work work.


Enjoy your surroundings  Yes, I’m lucky to live near a beautiful lake and this is my morning drive.  But there is always something exciting to look at.  If you don’t live in a scenic neighborhood look at the sky.  Sunsets, clouds and moon phases always put on a decadent show in the sky, regardless of your zip code.

Memories of Decadence

Oban on private Chicago roof top – blog soon to come

Savor a recent decadent excursion. No, don’t get lost in the memories, but I do occasionally look back at recent past photos to remind myself that I have in fact been having a decadent life.  Here is something from Sunday I have yet to blog about.

Self Reflection

Time to reflect with a hint of 50th Star Trek colors. Another important activity  – reflect as you move forward –  during the week. With just a hint of 50th Anniversary Star Trek eye make up from Mac Cosmetics