Yes, it has been a while since I have made any updates to  Decadent Life.  Maybe I’ve been too busy living the decadent life in all aspects.  But as I’m sitting on a airplane on the way to Las Vegas, en route to a conference, what better way to use the 3+ hours on the plane than to  catch up on over a month of no blogging.  And in that month, it has been exactly the Versace to nature that composed my decadence. 

A  very busy 6+ weeks indeed,  and decadence has covered the entire spectrum.  Now embarking on Las Vegas, it’s time to catch up on what lavish Versace to nature has been indulged in and how.

My Labor Day Monday (yes, it has been that long) included decadence of fine views (nature), scotch (human creation of some of the finest beverages and some Versace to go with it).  I visited Chicago.  I have personal history in this city and the Gold Coast is a component of how my decadence formed in my early years.  In addition to Europe, I cut some ‘decadent teeth’ on North Michigan Avenue.  Water Tower Place, Neman Marcus and some of the other fine stores are definitely key ingredients to my evolved lifestyle requirements.  Although at first I was just a student and couldn’t afford any of this,my future demand was definitely impacted.

So here is a quick run down of decadence over the past 6 weeks.

Trip to Chicago:

This city has evolved a lot, but my emotional lifestyle attachment to Michigan avenue has not.  So after a visit to a great Ramen place in Logan Square, it was time to hit the Gold Coast.  Again, you don’t need to be a millionaire to take in the beauty and decadence of this area.  As a freshman at the University of Chicago, I clearly didn’t have the funds to truly shop here.  But it did not limit my ability to absorb the multifaceted decadence of this area. But now there is a new addition, the Versace store!!!  That was my first stop, This store is beautiful.  There was a lot more to it than the gold medusas we expect from Versace.  The store is somewhat understated, yet decadent, for Versace, with Italian marble, and very beautiful elements like the spiral staircase in the store. 

Versace Versace Versace

I was on a mission.  First stop, the new Versace store on Rush Street.

Versace Versace Versace…and look another red convertible (signs)

As any Versace die hard knows, when not by a store, we study the website.  Yes, study.  So I had a few accessories I was interested in, but did not see the items displayed.  I asked the sales associate if they had more.  This is Versace, and I found the items in the showcase very limited (I did find some great belts though on display).   But of course there was more.  He came out with at least 15 boxes of accessories.  Some were way out of the price range for that day or not my style, but to see them up close and in person beat the website experience.  No photography/website, can measure up to the real thing.  I was overjoyed to see these items in person.  I did end up buying a beautiful but not over lavish bangle.  It’s great for work, has two medusas and Versace written on bangle.  Very modern, not too gaudy, and something I wear to work.   I spent a lot of time in this store and chatted with the sales associate about the details of the architecture, marble and some other luxurious and tasteful aspects of this fine store.  No hovering giant gold medusas hanging from the ceiling as that lure you to buy more more more.

Next – Louis Vuitton

The simplicity yet the decadence of the LV logo never gets old for me.  And apparently not for others either.  While some other designer bags and luggage may be more trendy (e.g., Gucci), Louis Vuitton hand bags and luggage are truly timeless.  I see this logo every day in my collection, but i never tire of it.  Of course you can never have too much Louis Vuitton, so I was browsing through my potential next acquisition.  I didn’t buy anything because I like to spread out my decadence over time.  Why?  Like anything else, simple economics. The concept of diminishing marginal utility; this is a fairly simple concept.  But to sum it up on in decadent terms, each unit of like decadence (yes there is such a thing), there is a diminishing unit of joy from it.  So I like to diversify my decadence (from nature to Versace) and spread it out over time to maximize my enjoyment. 

And then Omega and Nike Store

As with Louis Vuitton it was time to just get ideas of this fine classic.  Did not walk out with anything because thirst for some Argo tea and the hunger for some visuals of Michigan Avenue were winning. Time to engage those other senses.  But one more stop at the Nike store.  I am not even a big Nike consumer, but someone in the group was.  It was a worthy stop.  The store is very unique and lavish. 

Plus I got to sit down for a few minutes also.

Beautiful Michigan Avenue

Maybe because I spent many weekend days here as an undergraduate, on a student budget, I learned to appreciate not just the consumption aspects of this beautiful area.  Nothing but good memories here.

On a self financed student budget, there is not a lot of shopping.  But there were some ‘cheap thrills.’  For example, having a cappuccino at the Ritz Carlton lounge allowed me to take in the decadence and beautiful architecture of this area.   A drink at the Signature room did the same.  There was also a very decadent dinner during my freshman year that was the outcome of being stuck in the elevator. of the John Hancock building  We were invited back for a limitless decadent dinner. 

But back to our walk.  The Wrigley building and Tribune Tower  (Chicago Tribune) are classics that I associate with his beautiful one mile  area knows as the Magnificent Mile.  Argo tea has some ambient outdoor seating


Refreshed, we headed to a new find for me.  The Chicago Athletic Association has some spectacular view of Chicago.  Although I was not aware of this place and someone in the group led us here, it was a great experience.  I did get to even view another Chicago classic that I have some ties to, Lake Point Tower.

Rooftop Oban and Fine Food

It was time to experience something new.  Another key to the decadent lifestyle is to push yourself and experience new things.  While familiar decadence is like comfort food, pushing yourself to experience something new enriches your decadence spectrum.  And it also relates to the principle of decadence, much like a stock portfolio, diversify your decadence.  What this means is don’t buy out the Versace, Louis Vuitton and Omega store all at once.  But instead do it in doses.  Much like you don’t want to overeat a rich food.

This time it was time to hit Wicker Park and experience a rooftop view and lifestyle.  While Wicker Park is relatively new; at least a lot newer than the Magnificent Mile, it’s important to keep an open mind and expand.  Well, I was impressed, and because of my experiences, I’m not easily impressed.

My car was actually park on Logan Boulevard, so parking  was not a challenge.  Parking decadent vehicles in the city can be a challenge.  Once nicely parked, we actually took the CTA.  Not really decadent or my thing, but it took the headache out of worrying about my car being destroyed.  This rooftop and penthouse residence was very impressive.  Beautiful open concept, huge windows, major Chicago architecture that was visible and laid out beautifully.

And then a walk up to the rooftop.  Truly breathtaking decadence.  And to top of this beauty some great conversations fueled by some great food and fine Oban Scotch.