Could be my favorite winter hat


So the holidays are over and we are all (at least in cold climates) waiting for Spring.  But what can one do in the meantime with not much daylight and constant threat of snow?  Wear a lot of winter decadence so that by  March we are somewhat fed up even with our favorite pieces.  For me that’s hats, scarves, and boots.  In fact, I have one more pair of boots on my list yet to acquire.  February is going to be a long  Winter month.

But even during this season, I’ve managed to drive my car with the top down.



Not for walking dogs, this is a nice high heeled over the knee boot for going out on the town a bit.  Very comfortable.  From Nordstrom
Burgundy  boots pick up the drabness of winter, but actually they are a great Fall color.  For early Fall casual, this grey sheepskin hat is perfect (note:  dogfight is an racing term, and not associated with literal dog fights)
Doc Martens, perfect for walking my dogs or running around….again more of wine/cabarnet color
Everyday warmth and coziness with this scarf.  I never want to take it off.  Yes, it’s end of January, maybe getting sick of Winter, or just the snow and ice.


This is my WARMEST hat for those bitter cold windy days.  Perfect for those Siberian nights.


Of course the same applies for men.  Wear extreme coats, jackets, and there is nothing wrong with a man wearing an authentic fur ushanka.