We’ve all seen the magnifying mirrors attached to walls  and thought:  “no that’s ok, I think I can use my normal mirror, it works just fine.”  I’ve also had sink top magnifying mirror as well as handheld ones.  Recently I attended a conference, and a the hotel had a magnifying mirror screwed into the wall, next to the usual mirror. Redundant?  NO!  I used it every day  to make sure my eyeliner was symmetric along with my lipstick.  I have often applied eyeliner and lipstick in a rush and noticed in the car or on a selfie that I applied the make up wrong.  After I returned home I kept thinking I should get one but I really have no clue how to install it or to drill and I wasn’t about to spend $200 on a handyman (that’s close to what  they charge these to just show up to install it-great business opportunity but that’s another topic).

Well this weekend I got one installed and just like in Vegas, I love it.  So what happened in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas (yes, my trip was 100% business).  My eyeliner was perfectly symmetric, no smear marks on eyeshadow and I was able to closely examine my eyebrows as well. 

These mirrors are not just women either.  They are great for guys to find stray facial and nose hairs and other random occurrences on their face.