undefinedYes, this happened to me-I briefly forgot my own decadence. I started this blog a few years ago and my first post was Why Decadent Life? And since then, I have found even more decadence that includes horology.

I decided that my first blog entry is going to be about what do I mean by Decadent Life.  Am I going to be purely covering the luxurious products of Louis Vuitton, Swarovski, Mercedes, Versace, and so on?  Those who know me understand my love of these beautiful things, but the short answer is no.

My first post for Decadentlife.net

Recently I explained in a post, what I (and some others) mean by decadence and how the term is used by certain artists as well. But it seems I strayed from this track somewhat,however briefly.

I have been so busy with work and major life decisions, that I completely forgot to include some decadence in my life. Yes, I bought some nice items, drive a nice car, have fun and all that. But it’s been a while since I just randomly (seemingly at least) indulged in some decadence in the past few months.

I was reminded of this today by someone else, who without extensive planning decided to enjoy life without over analyzing and planning the options. And without compromising on the level of decadence.

Yes, I need to focus on personal growth, lean into discomfort, focus on career and I have been having fun. But being decadent is something else, It’s almost like your rational, hesitant side says don’t do it….but you know you should.

The term self care is very popular today. But this is not self care, nor is it an impulsive reckless behavior. But it is something that the rational side states: don’t do it, don’t be so lavish, don’t be so opulent. Why not? Yes, we all have our financial constraints, but much like lean into discomfort, you also should lean into occasional decadence. It will recharge you.

Whether it’s a stay at hotel you typically don’t stay at, or going out for an elaborate fine dinner, or just doing something you normally would not do, go ahead, splurge. Life is too short. And you can’t wait for others to splurge on you because you may be long dead before that happens (unless of course you are lucky and have a very caring partner).

I’m glad I had the wake up call today to return to that aspect of my personality. It is an attitude and ‘joie de vivre.’ So today a capuccino (not the most decadent), tomorrow who knows.

Decadence really is a frame of mind, that even I need to be reminded of occasionally. A few years ago, I used to have a food blog: Blog to the Next One. I occasionally had to read my blog to remind myself of my culinary repertoire and the recipes (e.g., Buche de Noel around holidays). It seems I need to reread this blog occasionally to remind myself of my own recipe of decadence.