undefinedI didn’t post this Sunday due to some other decadence I indulged in…more on that in another post…someday.

As I mentioned in my last post, Almost Forgot the Decadence (which I lived on Sunday), I occasionally reread my own blog, to reinforce some of my thinking to myself. We all stray away sometimes from who we truly are. Experiences and society perceptions are partly responsible for that, along with day to day business with career, survival, and general life. For me, writing enables a lot of introspection. So rereading my own posts strengthen the ‘true self.’ I’m told by a close friend, someone with a lot more life experiences, “Do what makes you happy, don’t feel guilty about enjoying life, keep an open mind, because you don’t know what tomorrow holds.” I know she is right.

So while this is a light read and fun….I was reminded of some good points: that decadence is a state of mind and “How can you have a day of decadence without some type of coffee house.”

Saturday Decadent Day

Re posting not so much for the specifics, but for the state of mind. While the day may not look like your ideal day, keep the state of mind and it will at least be a decadent time.

Some days are more decadent than some others, but it’s about continuing the quest and keeping an open mind to new experiences and life. Ironically, this quest does enable your true self to re-emerge.